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Yet Another “Buy the Dip” Opportunity By StockNews

Yet Another “Buy the Dip” Opportunity © Reuters. Yet Another “Buy the Dip” Opportunity

The market gods have once again presented us with another juicy “buy the dip” opportunity after the S&P (SPY) tumbled on Tuesday. This all goes back to a false narrative about concerns over the Fed becoming more hawkish. Get the real scoop on why things will remain bullish for quite a bit longer even with rates on the rise. Read on below.(Please enjoy this updated version of my weekly commentary from the Reitmeister Total Return newsletter).

Investors are finally getting the message that the Fed is becoming more hawkish. Last Wednesday’s Fed announcement was incredibly clear on that front leading rates to finally head higher. This led to yet another “Ticker Tantrum” sell off on Tuesday.

Let’s once again review the facts of the situation and why this is a premature and foolish move. Meaning this is another “buy the dip” situation with the bull market having plenty of room to run higher.

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