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We assist clients in finding investments and profitable credit terms for business projects.

How does it work?

The client asks us to attract investments into the project. We study the task, get acquainted with the business plan, study the market and product vision and the economic feasibility of the project. If necessary, we adjust the initial data according to the requirements of the investment companies. We then look for a potential investor
Investors can be: venture capital funds, direct support funds, private investors, crowdfinding platforms and others.
As soon as a potential investor has been selected and the parameters for entering a transaction have been announced, we inform the client about it. If the customer is satisfied with the terms and conditions, we introduce him to the investor. After acquaintance, we accompany the transaction to the end in order to support our client at all stages negotiations and conclusion of the final agreement.
We have no commissions for finding an investor. The client pays only when the task of attracting investments has been completely solved. The amount of commission is calculated individually.
Investors are more likely to be interested in innovative projects at an early stage and investments to scale up existing business.