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Audit is designed to help business leaders navigate price changes across multiple asset groups: for example, currency, commodities or securities. With information about the industry state, you have the ability to make the right decisions.
For example, you run a pipe mill and it’s important for you to understand the price dynamics of metals for a few weeks ahead in order to successfully manage your internal operations.

What type of business needs an audit:

A middle business that does not have analytics department within the company, but needs market analytics. In this way, we make up for the lack of a mid-market analyst department.

Large business that needs price forecasts for exchange assets which are not within the its own specialists competence, or to supplement existing information with a third-party contractor’s help.

Which asset groups can be analyzed:

  1. 1. Currencies.
    Knowledge in currency forecast is necessary for those companies which operate in the foreign market: settlements with foreign partners, clients, suppliers.
  2. 2. Commodity assets.
    Analytics of commodity assets is useful for companies which produce or process raw materials, for example: metals, hydrocarbons, grain and others.
  3. 3. Companies shares.
    Forecasting and stock market analytics are important not only for financial companies, but also for companies from other industries, so that they can understand the stock market situation in their industry, predict their own capitalization, conduct large transactions and assign them to the optimal time.

How does it work?

We study your tasks in detail and make recommendations on the set of assets, as well as make forecasts on which you need to monitor in order to solve your tasks. To do this, we study the industry’s key news in depth, review all reports from specialized sources and conduct technical analysis. After that we process the obtained information and prepare a conclusion.

It is important to consider that the conclusion is not a ready-made solution. Recommendations may change with changes in the market, so we accompany the client as long as it is necessary and regularly update the forecast. We prefer to work on a long-term basis and constantly inform the client about analytics on a given topic.

Each client is assigned a personal manager, who knows the cooperation history and client’s tasks.