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This program is useful for anyone who wants to learn trading basics. Only professionals are able to make money in this. Beginner traders do not have enough knowledge and practice. This is why we share our expertise and provide real-time training to our clients.

How does it work?

To begin with, you will be interviewed by a business trainer. This is to familiarise yourself with your level of training and compile an individual program of lessons. The program is selected on the basis of your immersion in the subject.

We provide you with a personal business trainer – analyst or trader. This is a competent specialist with a technical or economic education who knows how to trade, understands market movements and is able to analyse macro- and microeconomics. The trainer will explain all complex terms to you in a simple and accessible language.

The training takes place on a remote basis, so you can train at any convenient time by prior agreement with your trainer. The length of training depends on your level of knowledge in trading. For training, 3-4 hours per week are sufficient.

We train in practice in online mode: we carry out transactions of minimal volume. We will explain to you the rules of the market during real trading: how to calculate volumes correctly, how to react to earnings and losses, how to analyze errors and how to minimize risks. Our task is to teach you to think like a professional trader.

What will you learn during your training?

  • Correct understanding of the market: participants and their tasks, as seen by major players;
  • How the price of financial instruments is formed;
  • How to use technical analysis indicators;
  • How to correctly assess risks and level them where possible;
  • How to build a trading strategy;
  • Types of market analysis;
  • How to comprehensively approach the work with transactions;
  • How to correctly interpret events and react to news “injections” of information in order to manipulate market participants.

The main thing is that we will work with real deals, not with a demo account. In this way you will always know the current market situation and learn how to navigate it. If important news for the market comes out, a business trainer will contact you and explain how to react to it and what it means for trading.

It is important to note that after training, you should not immediately expect high and stable earnings from trading. Training is the basis, which must be supplemented by continuous practice. You won’t be able to earn a lot at once and you need to be prepared for this.

We will teach you to understand the market in the way professional traders understand it, to correctly interpret events and make correct decisions.

Training for trading at Alfa Base Consulting offers you:

  • Real trading experience.
  • Working with a personal business trainer – a practicing specialist.
  • An individual training program.
  • Correct understanding of the market.
  • Psychological preparation for work in the market.
  • Thinking of a professional trader.